This week I have two illustrations in landscape format. I haven’t used that very often, I mostly illustrate in portrait format. But I might do that more often in the future.

The first illustration is a still life that I created 2 years ago (see week 42-2021). Simply changing the format of an image is not enough, since the elements are arranged in the space available. In the case of this still life, this would leave too much empty space on the sides, while the vase and the other elements would be crowded together in the middle. So I distributed the shapes and branches a little differently. And on that occasion exchanged the single leaf in the foreground for a twig, because the leaf seemed a bit lost in landscape format.

The second picture is an autumn landscape, in which I primarily wanted to create the impression of space and tranquillity. Therefore, the stylized trees in the background are line drawings, they do not form a barrier to the view, which goes unhindered into the distance and the cloudless blue sky. As if it went into nothingness behind the trees, a kind of floating in the blue sky.

(A click on the illustratie takes you to my store on ArtHeroes.)