This week I’ve been working on two very different illustrations. The first is a simple, minimalist-abstract landscape with a lake and mountains at night under a full moon. The moon casts its mystical light onto the water surface, which shows slight wave movements. I gave the moon a slightly yellow color here (again) because it contrasts so nicely with the blue and violet of the landscape.

The second illustration was created at the request of a customer. She discovered one of my woman-with-hat-drawings and asked me if I could extend it to “woman with hat and wine glass”. I thought that was a great idea, and of the various sketches, the customer liked this variant best. I will certainly use the others in the future and also expand the whole topic even further. Incidentally, the colors were also the customer’s wish. They remind me strongly of summer sunlight, perhaps a formal party in the garden on an early summer evening.

►►► Do you like the illustration of the woman with wine glass but the colors don’t macht well with your interior or other decoration? Please send a message, maybe I can adjust the colors to your liking!