Since winter seems over, finally, I indulged myself in the colors of spring and summer, and dug deep in my memories of warm and sunny days in nature. The result are three abstract landscapes:

The two spring landscapes show beautiful white flowers in softly curves fields with mountains barely visible in the distance. The sun radiates high in the sky, casting a gentle glow over the scene.The colors are a delightful blend of green, yellow, white, and a hint of red. Hand-drawn lines and various organic shapes decorate the sun and fields, adding a touch of whimsy. Overall, the illustrations are supposed to inspire are sense of renewal, freshness and peace of mind.

The third landscape depicts summer: The towering forest in the background consists of merely huge shapes, while five small trees stand in a row in the middle ground. Softly curved fields fill the foreground, leading the eye to the forest, and the radiant sun high up in the sky. The colors are a muted blend of green, yellow, and red. Hand-drawn lines decorate the trees, sun, and fields, adding a touch of organic beauty. I wanted to show the hazy, mysterious atmosphere of a hot summer day, with the dust above grain fields creating a dreamlike quality.