This week I created more still lifes, which are color variations from previous illustrations.

The first two are variations on a still life of twigs in a vase (see week 6). This original version represents summer (yellow-orange, dark blue, brown and fading green). The two versions that I present today resemble

  • spring (darker shades of yellow, intense blue and violet) and
  • autumn with its muted but intense colors (dark red, shades of brown, gray and grey-blue).

The version of the three still lifes in landscape format, which I created first, can also be found in the post from week 6. The colors of this still life of flowers and leaves in an amphora celebrate autumn with tones of brown, orange and red. The three new variants stand for the other three seasons:

  • winter with mainly blue and melon red,
  • spring with blue and yellow and
  • summer with orange, green and pink.

Which colors evoke the strongest memories of a certain season for you? Let me know in the comments!