In this series of organic modern wall art, each illustration seeks to show the simplicity and elegance found in nature. Featuring a single plant – be it a flower, a stem with leaves, or one bearing seed pods – this collection captures the very essence of botanical beauty. What sets these illustrations apart is the intentional reduction of each plant to its most fundamental shapes and lines, presented in a minimalist style.

Dual purpose

 I created this series with a dual purpose. Firstly, it is meant to serve as a beautiful and elegant and minimalist wall decoration. Secondly, it aims to show the inherent beauty of nature by drawing plants in their most essential forms. Challenging the notion that minimalism lacks beauty, the illustrations prove that “less is more”, and embracing simplicity without losing elegance is possible.

Restricted color palette

 A restricted color palette of a natural white tone and one nature-inspired color, such as olive green or terracotta red, defines each illustration. My limited use of colors not only adds to the minimalist style but also allows me to create inverted versions, which brings about the opportunity for interesting organic modern wall art combinations.


As usually, nature itself serves as my primary inspiration for the series. The abundance of plants, flowers, trees, bushes etc. often keeps us from seeing the beauty of a single leaf or flower, its elegant lines and shapes and colors. I hope to encourage viewers to take a closer look.

Organic modern wall art

The illustrations are suitable for almost all interior styles, most notably farmhouse, Scandinavian, and any other minimalist style. They can add a nice contrast to industrial styles and serve as a calm spot in rooms with eclectic interiors. Whether used as a single frame, a set of two or combined to create a minimalist botanical wall display, the illustrations are pleasing eye-catchers and beautiful organic modern wall art in any room.