The illustrations in this series all depict a minimalist garden, with the unique focus on a single flower in each artwork. With elegant lines and restricted color palettes, each drawing shows the beauty of a specific flower, while barely visible leaves in the background create the illusion of a flourishing garden. Colors are limited to shades of the featured flower’s main color, with white for contrast.

With the flower garden series, I try to capture the beauty of each flower with lines only and the color most typical for said flower. My intention is to immerse the viewer in the midst of the flowers, as if they were in a field filled with this one sort of flowers and feel embraced and overflown by its colors.

Across all illustrations I have maintained a consistent layout. Low hills at the bottom create a foundation for the blooming flowers. The featured flower, drawn in white for strong contrast, takes center stage. Various leaves in the background blend into the overall color, forming the illusion of a dense foliage.

Flower garden illustrations - mockup 1

Flower garden illustrations - mockup 2

Hand-drawn with lines and then carefully vectorized for optimal print quality, the digital illustrations embrace minimalism by reducing flowers to their fundamental lines. Various textures, inspired by watercolor paintings and linocut prints, break the clean digital look, especially in larger color areas like the background.

Created for floral art enthusiasts, lovers of minimalist styles, garden owners, and nature admirers, these illustrations match various interiors, such as farmhouse, Scandinavian and minimalist in general. They can form an interesting contrast with industrial or eclectic designs as well. The artworks are suitable for all rooms, including living room, bedroom, kitchen, dorm room, (home) office, waiting areas, hotel rooms and more.