A few weeks ago, Werk aan de Muur asked me to participate in a design competition. The reason: Werk aan de Muur is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and there are several events throughout the year. One is a partnership with MyMuesli.com.

Every breakfast is a party with muesli

MyMuesli offers the great opportunity to put together your own favorite breakfast cereal mix with nuts and fruit. The muesli mixes are packed in nice and handy tubes. The invitation of Werk aan de Muur was therefore to create a design for one of the tubes, with the theme “party” and of course matching MyMuesli’s brand.

The final voting round

Out of all the entries Werk aan de Muur and MyMuesli have chosen the 6 best designs, and one of them is mine!! Three of the six finalists are chosen and the designs are printed on tubes and are then available via MyMuesli.

From today to Wednesday there will be a voting round every day from 4 pm on the Instagram accounts of Werk aan de Muur and MyMuesli. Look out for their stories!

♥ Will you participate, and will you vote for my design? ♥

My design

Garden party in summer design for MyMuesli packaging

The idea of ​​my design is “Garden party in the summer”. When looking at the website of MyMuesli and the awesome choice of different types of fruit, I spontaneously thought of my grandmother’s kitchen garden. She had many different fruits and vegetables, including my favorites strawberries and redcurrants. This memory led to the theme “garden” and in combination with the theme “party” so a garden party.


A garden is of course not always just fruit and vegetables, but also flowers. So I drew flowers with the shapes of the muesli ingredients, such as cherries and blackberries, but also nuts and seeds. At the same time, I wanted to achieve an association with rising balloons, because they are so festive. In addition, to make the idea of ​​”party” even clearer, I decorated the garden with garlands.


By the way, the colors are derived from fruit and from the more pastel-like colors in the morning on a warm summer day. The yellow and white – which is changed to gold and silver during the print on the tubes – symbolizes the sunlight, which shimmers here and there through the flowers.