Etsy Seller Challenge Day 13

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 13: Throw Back Thursday

Day 13 is about something from the past, because it is #tbt.

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Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 11

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 11: Sending out orders

Day 11 of the Seller Challenge is about shipping orders

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 9

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 9: Materials

Today is about the materials I use.

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 7

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 7: Fun Fact Friday

The 7th day of the seller challenge is #funfactfriday.

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 6

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 6: Made Local

Day 6 is about made local, or in my case: made in Rotterdam.

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 5

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 5: Workspace

Today is about the place I use to work, because it's #workspacewednesday.

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 4

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 4: Branding

Day 4 of the etsy seller challenge is about my brand.

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 3

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 3: Inspiration

The third day is all about inspiration.

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 2

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 2: Seller

Day 2 of the seller challenge is all about the seller.

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Etsy Seller Challenge Day 1

Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 1: Shop

Day 1 of the seller challenge is about the shop.

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September Challenge

Etsy Seller Challenge

One month of assignments for daily social media posts. 

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Pastelkrijt tekening van een mistige landschap bij zonsopgang

Landscapes in Pastel

I have always been fascinated with drawings made with soft pastels. The artworks appear loose and painterly at the same time, with layers of color on top of each other and beautiful textures, which are created by blending colors or leave color areas stand side by side.

That’s why I gave myself a present more than 15 years ago and bought a set of 120 soft pastels from a well-known and very good brand. They are nicely arranged according to color in a wooden case, and opening the case is a pleasure in itself.  I like the soft texture of the chalks and the smell, and of course how they look on paper.

But, as with all techniques, you see the best results from an expert. I am not, and I know from my own experience that drawing with soft pastels is not easy at all. I only use them every now and then, just for fun and because ist is something different from acrylics. This month I have drawn three landscapes. All are framed in wooden frames with matching front mats.

Acrylschilderij van distels en vaste dravik in schitterende kleuren

Wild Flowers

Since my childhood I love to walk alongside grain fields on warm summer days. There is something very special about summer grain and the typical grasses and flowers, which grow along the edges of a field.

A very special smell, when the sun shines bright and hot on the grain, the soft crackle sound if the wind blows a little bit, the typical light dust, which arises from the ripe plants and lets the air glow, and of course, the singing of grasshoppers.

Also, the colors keep on fascinating me, because they are so diverse, at the same time harmonic and full of contrast. I love nature’s colors anyway and find the color combinations, one can find in nature, especially beautiful.

So I started a series of paintings, depicting typical flowers & grasses one can find on fields and meadows.

All are painted with acrylics on stretched canvas, 9.5 x 11.8 in (24 x 30 cm).

Mini Making-Of „Colorful Fruit“

Short videos show some of the steps from sketch to finished painting.

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Abstract acrylic painting of a simplified owl form in the center. Painted with a limited palette (4 colors: blue, green, yellow, red) on paper. Framed with front mat.


Abstract painting of an owl with only 4 colors. Read more