A while ago, I started creating minimalist art with lines and shapes. I’m doing this completely digitally, for now, because I really love my digital drawing and painting apps. And, I must admit, it is easier here and there than working with real paint, ink, paper, etc. So, for example, the ArtRage app, which I use for drawing with ink, has a function that automatically adjusts the lines to make them smoother. To do this with a real pen and ink you need a lot of practice. I have the greatest admiration for anyone who can do that!

Another reason for creating digital is that I can play with colors and textures more easily, without immediately using large amounts of paper and paint or ink, which might end up in the trash after all. Saving resources (environment!) And money also plays a role in this.

If you follow my art a bit, you may have seen one of my videos where I show you how I paint my landscapes and flowers. I intend to show more of the minimalist art making process in the future, but for now a few brief impressions: