Art for spring? Yes of course! After a long and sometimes quite gray winter, I have a great need for colors around me. Fortunately, spring is full of bright and fresh colors: blue sky and green, white, yellow, pink, red, purple and more of the plants and flowers, finally growing again.


Maybe you go through your house after the winter and you think: I would like to change something and see other colors. Then you might think of painting walls, and all the work that comes with it (the masking alone is terrible!). But maybe this isn’t necessary at all! With a few accessories and the right artwork, you can give any room a new look.

Celebrate spring with wall art in bold colors

Celebrate spring with wall art

The strong colors of spring – blue, green, yellow, pink, purple – can be combined very well with muted beige and brown tones. It is as if you bring the sky, the plants and flowers, the sun and the earth itself into your home. Art for spring!


For example, you can repeat the colors from an illustration or painting in accessories such as cushions or vases. Or vice versa, choose a work of art that also contains colors from your interior. You can nicely complement the shades that you use in your interior with your wall decoration and create interesting contrasts, for example.

Celebrate spring with wall art in bold colors

Art for spring - for every room!

In my opinion, nature offers the appropriate color and color combination for everyone. Whether you like light or dark colors, bright or muted tones, strong contrasts or nuances of the same tone – nature has it all! That is why I like to be inspired by nature when creating my illustrations: by flowers, shrubs and trees, by sunrise or sunset, by rivers and lakes, by a wide landscape down to the details of a single leaf. This also applies to the following artworks, which I find most appropriate as art for spring. What do you think? Let me know in a comment!

All illustrations in the interior images above are available in my shop at ArtHeroes, for example on canvas or framed.