After my last painting of a sunset, I felt like sticking with this theme for a while longer. Red and yellow are so wonderful colors to paint with, and they always look beautiful! I have often experimented with the shape of that specific African tree, the burkea africana or wild syringa. Due to its well-known and very characteristic shape, it is in my opinion particularly attractive as a silhouette.

Below you will find the videos of the painting. I only used the painting knife this time.

When the sun goes down (or rises, it doesn’t really matter), the light usually changes very quickly, and the colors go from cool blue to purple, then to pink and red, yellow and finally to what we call “white”. The amount of colors and combinations of colors is impressive, which is why I never get tired of painting landscapes at sunrise or sunset – or just looking at them! How about you? Do you also enjoy watching sunsets?