As the last beautiful colors of autumn fade away, winter slowly sets in, with low temperatures, in the Netherlands (where I live) often windy and rainy, and not my favorite, overall. But: Sometimes, when it’s cold with snow covering the landscape and the sun shines, it’s can be magical.

Winter snow blankets the world in serenity. The soft crunch of it under our feet and the crisp, clean air create an atmosphere that feels almost otherworldly. It’s a quiet beauty that invites us to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Winter can be a masterpiece made by nature. Each snowflake is a work of art, frozen water shimmering like crystals in the sun, a limited color palette but no less impressive than the most detailed floral summer scene. The white snow is a canvas on its own: From prints made by feet, paws and claws to textures created by the wind and gradients of colors painted by the setting sun, it can be a source of endless inspiration. Furthermore, winter nights often come with clear skies, revealing breathtaking stars, because the cold air enhances visibility.

Thinking of those beautiful aspects of winter, I created this series of abstract winter landscape illustrations. The prints are suitable as wall art for living room, kitchen, bedroom, home office and even kids’ rooms. They match with most interior styles and can be combined with other abstract and minimalist, for instance in gallery walls.

Abstract winterlandscape in muted blue tones 1 mockup