This series of illustrations is inspired by the typical outdoor and camping poster designs from the mid-20th century. I always loved the simplicity of the landscapes, the color contrasts and especially the depicting of bright sunlight by adding graphic sun rays.

My own style is rooted in abstract-minimalism, and I always focus on the essential elements of a landscape, such as forests, trees, mountains, fields. The main element of this series of retro landscape art is the setting/rising sun, and for most of the illustrations I added some sort of street or path toward the sun. And as you can see below, I had some issues to decide on one color palette per illustrations, so I created some variations.

If you like vintage graphic design and would like to add some retro vibe wall art to your interior, you might find a suitable retro print below.

Abstract landscapes retro prints

Retro landscape art

Retro vibes wall art