Subject and style

Mainly, I paint and illustrate landscapes and still lifes, because with these two subjects I can express my fascination for shapes and colors as well as my love for plants in general and flowers in particular. My style is realistic in varying degrees of minimalism and abstraction. I strive to focus on the essentials of a scene and only illustrate aspects that express that essence.


The nature around me is my biggest inspiration. Colors and shapes, light and shadow are endlessly fascinating for me. A color combination, certain formations, a flower, a sunset – all of these can be the beginning of a new illustration.


Having worked in traditional media for many years – primarily acrylics, soft pastels, watercolor – I now paint and draw almost exclusively digitally. The most important reason for this is: I enjoy it. I also appreciate that, all in all, it is more environmentally and climate-friendly (no paper, no paints that pollute groundwater, etc.).

Most important aspects

With my art, I want to show that often only a few elements and colors are needed to depict a scene and create a certain mood / impression. For example, an autumn landscape with just a few organic shapes and the line drawing of an oak leaf may suffice. The organic forms represent the different aspects of the landscape, such as “earth” and “sun”. The typical fall colors round off the impression.

But above all, my art should beautify rooms, evoke pleasant feelings and stimulate interesting conversations.

Purchase art

My artworks are in the EU available as prints on canvas, as framed canvas, poster and wallpaper through Art Heroes, the number one print-on-demand service in the Netherlands!

Additionally, most of my art is also available through RedBubble.