What I do

Minimalist illustrations of lines and shapes are my thing. “Keep it simple” seems to me a very nice way to see life and everything that belongs to it. So is my art.  And I’m obsessed with how I can illustrate the (for me) most important aspect of a scene or landscape in the simplest way. You can read more about my art in the section “About my art”.

Where I come from

I grew up in a small town in Germany, surrounded by fields, forests and the Rhineland Nature Park. I spent most of my early summer vacations on my grandparents’ farm, located at the beginning of the German low mountain range. With no internet, no cell phones and almost nothing on TV for kids, we spent most of our time outside, even in winter. I was close to nature almost all year round.

Like many artists, I have been drawing and painting since my early childhood. I have had no formal art training, but I have had a number of classes and workshops, and I am constantly developing my skills. I strongly believe that studying the basic principles – perspective, proportions, colors, light, etc. – is the best foundation for any artist to express his/her unique view of the world through art.

Where I am now

It’s no surprise that nature is the most important part of my work. Now that I have lived in the southwest of the Netherlands for more than a decade, the different landscape is slowly creeping into my art. There are no mountains or even hills here, hardly any forests, but a lot of water, from city canals to the enormous harbor area to the North Sea itself.

And finally

For me, the journey from the first idea to the finished illustration is both a comforting walk along familiar paths and an exciting (and sometimes scary) exploration of new lands. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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