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I am a visual artist and love to create paintings, which are not only beautiful but also interesting due to the colors I use or the texture I create. So that you like to look at the painting even after years, and maybe discover something new each time. My favorite art is expressionist and surrealist art, but I like almost every piece of art, or at least find it interesting and inspiring.

Tanja Udelhofen - visual artist, portrait painter



Creativity has always been what drives me, not only in my art, but with it my creativity has the strongest expression.
Usually I paint with acrylics on canvas. Acrylics are a very versatile medium, which can be brought on the canvas from thick strokes using the impasto technique all the way to watercolor-like transparency. It can be mixed with all sorts of materials, such as sand for structure, and the amount of available colors is excellent.
But because I do not like to restrict myself, especially in my art, I like to paint with watercolor as well, or make use of pastel crayons or colored pencils. Additionally, I find myself doing digital art or designs occasionally, or even create something nice with paper.



I like to paint landscapes, flowers and still-lifes. I love to paint things, which one usually does not see or which can be overlooked easily, such as flowers along a path. Furthermore, I like to combine expressive and abstract elements with realistic elements.



I want to create paintings which remind people that beauty, interesting scenes and fascinating nature are all around them. Sometimes, looking close to something which seems to be simple and boring can result in the discovery of a something truly amazing.


Quality and sustainability

I use only paint and canvas/paper of high quality.
When it comes to paint (acrylics or other) this is important, because professional material is made with the best color pigments, binders and other ingredients, such as solvents and fillers. This ensures brilliant colors and lightfastness, so that the painting will not fade or change in color within a year, but stays bright and beautiful for many, many years.
Canvas or professional quality is properly treated and prepared for painting, for example through the use of high quality glues and acid free gesso, so that it offers best adhesion of the paint and prevents soaking through at the same time. Canvasboard needs to be made in a way that it does not bend or warp, and stretched canvas has to be solid and must offer a way to stretch the canvas even more if necessary to keep it from sagging.
High quality of both paints and canvas are necessary to provide you with an artwork you can enjoy for a long time.



I paint for more than 30 years. I did not follow a formal study of arts or design, but took a number of courses, such as figurative drawing or advanced watercolor painting techniques. Aside from that, first and foremost I am a self-educated person and love learning by doing. Ultimately, the journey is the reward.


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In 2010 I moved from Germany to the Netherlands, for love. A lot of my friends and (previous) colleagues and of course my family and friend from Germany are not Dutch speaking. Therefore, I live in a trilingual world: Dutch, German and English. For this reason, almost everything on this website is available in those three languages.



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