In my last two posts I wrote about how the idea of ​​minimalist landscape paintings came about. When I give shape to an idea, I usually start with a sketch in a small format, to see how I can best arrange the different parts. This is usually followed by light and shadow and colors, without details, just to see what works and what doesn’t. And sometimes nice little paintings come about by accident. I then developed one of them into a small, simple landscape. And that was the beginning.


Since it was a small format in the middle of a large page, I had the idea to use the empty space around it as part of the artwork, to emphasize the minimalist character. In retrospect, I think this came from the experience of isolation and physical distance that plays such a big role in our lives now. I tried different ideas and techniques, to complete the picture with elements, and then came to the design, which is now the end result.


Since my landscape paintings almost always feature trees, I had the idea to paint a specific type of tree and a few typical features for each of the minimalist landscapes. This eventually led to three small illustrations of a leaf, the typical base shape of the tree, and its fruit, eg a chestnut. These became the three small pictures above the landscape painting. Then I found the empty space underneath too empty and thought that the colors themselves are so nice, and that’s how the idea of ​​the color palette below the landscape came into existence.


And what do I do with it now? Very simple: I have decided to offer these paintings exclusively in my Etsy shop as digital downloads which people can print themselves at home. And why? Again, this has to do with the pandemic.


A few weeks after the start of the pandemic, I temporarily closed my Etsy Shop (where my acrylic paintings were for sale). Firstly, because I thought that people all over the world probably have something else on their mind than buying art and secondly because the various lockdown regulations made parcel post to other countries really unreliable. I always planned to open the shop again with the canvas paintings, but eventually I got off that idea more and more the longer the pandemic lasted.


The main reason for this was that so many people in the world have lost their jobs or at least have a lot less income. A unique, hand-painted acrylic painting on canvas is always a luxury as it takes days or weeks to paint, so it can’t be sold for a few dollars. And then the idea came to mind, to offer the minimalist landscapes as digital downloads, so that people can print the artworks themselves at home or through a professional printer if they wish. Because these small paintings are considerably less work than large, full landscape paintings, I can offer them for little money, affordable for everybody.