In my last post I wrote about how ideas come to me. With this specific idea it was actually a number of things over the entire (weird) year of 2020, although I only really realized this afterwards.

When I got very frustrated with my acrylic paintings at the beginning of the year, I thought I might need a break from painting and focus on other things for a while. However, existing without painting or being creative I only managed for a few days, then I grabbed my pen tablet and the stylus and started drawing and painting in the ArtRage program. I had bought this spontaneously a few months earlier, but not really used it yet. I immediately loved it! It is easy to use, offers many options and the result is convincingly similar to a real paintings.

Then the pandemic came to the Netherlands and changed our lives completely. We learned to appreciate the little things, and perhaps because of the limitations, that simplicity can feel really good. In my art, this led to a whole new series of paintings: minimalist landscapes. More on that tomorrow! Here is a small impression: