Do you like patterns? Probably yes, because recognizing patterns is ingrained in us people, not only visual patterns of course, but as an artist I am mainly involved in visual work.

Do you know the feeling that when you see a pattern of the kind that you can repeat endlessly, that it is not only beautiful to see, but can also be quite soothing? I think this is one of the main reasons why we humans like these patterns so much, the calming effect. It is some sort of control over the chaos. This is particularly clear, I think, if you look at a large surface of water, a lake or the sea, on a day with a little wind. The water is always moving, but the pattern of the small waves remains the same and is repeated endlessly. I find it very calming, you too?

Creating patterns can also be soothing. That’s why I do it occasionally, although it is not part of my usual art. I made the pattern for this post last year. The petal in the rectangle was painted with watercolor paint, scanned and then opened in Photoshop to create the seamless pattern. Afterwards, I modified it to make different colored versions. On RedBubble it can be found on pillow cases, mugs and much more.