A few months ago I started digital painting again, purely for a change. The reason for this was that I saw a painting on Instagram that looked exactly like an impasto oil or acrylics painting, where one could see every brush stroke. But it turned out to be made digitally, with ArtRage.

People often think that digital painting means uploading a photo to an app, pressing a button and then having the computer do the work. These types of programs/apps do exist, but the results are usually mediocre at best.

With a program like ArtRage, on the other hand, one really paints/draw. I use a pen tablet with a stylus pen from Wacom. In the program, I start with a white canvas, just like when painting with acrylic paints for example. And without knowledge about composition, light/shadow, colors, etc., it would not be possible to create a beautiful digital artwork. There are numerous videos about digital painting on YouTube, where one can see that it requires knowledge and craftsmanship, just like painting with real paint does.

But of course, there are also differences. For example, it is easier to correct mistakes with a digital painting. This also makes it possible to test different techniques and materials, because if the effect is not as desired, it can easily be undone. That is not so easy with acrylic or oil paints or especially watercolor paints.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to replicate typical effects / techniques digitally in a believable way, despite the fact that programs such as ArtRage offer many possibilities, and imitate the properties of the various materials and tools really well and realistically.

But why digital painting at all when it is also possible to just paint with real materials? For me, it is just different and a nice change. I also use it to develop ideas or, for example, to test the effects of colors. Digital paintings can also be offered much more easily as art prints, because the quality of the file is much better than a photo made of a painting on canvas or paper.

Occasionally, I record the painting process, and I will upload some of the videos shortly.