Colorful Landscape

Colorful digital painting of a minimalistic landscape.

Expressive digital painting in gorgeous colors, minimalist landscape with a dramatic sunset. #landscapepainting #art #colorfulart #tmucw

It is hard to believe how many different colors can be seen in the sky at the same time sometimes. Every time I see something like that – mostly on photos unfortunately, not often live – I can imagine that people thought that there must be gods before the working of light and water in the air, etc. was known.

It is really fun, to paint something like this (in this case digital) and to see how the colors complement each other, form contrasts, and become such a beautiful whole. That’s why I kept the landscape really simple; the colors speak for themselves, I think.

The painting is available via Etsy in three different sizes as fine art giclée/poster print. But on RedBubble it can be ordered in more sizes and on more materials/merchandise, such as canvas, smartphone cases, pillow cases and greeting cards.

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