Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Flower painting in soft pink, digitally painted in the style of a soft pastel drawing.

Digital drawing of Japanese Cherry blossoms in gorgeous colors, looking like a real soft pastel drawing. #tmucw #flowerpainting #sakura #art #gicleeprint

Another digital painting made with ArtRage. Again, I have used the tools that simulate soft pastels. It was a bit of try and error for the right structure of the “paper”. I wanted it with a medium coarseness, so that the structure is a bit visible, but not too much. I used the virtual version of cold-pressed watercolor paper with a light gray tint.

I will make a screencast of the next digital painting, to show the process. There are people who think that digital painting has nothing to do with art. Apparently they think that one simply opens a photo and presses a button and in one way or another the software conjures up a painting.

These kinds of programs actually exist. One opens a photo, chooses a style, for example impressionist watercolor, and the program changes the photo accordingly. It can often be seen with watercolor paintings. But since the program performs mathematical calculations to recreate the medium and style, the difference is obvious if one looks closely.

I start every digital painting just like a real painting, i.e. with a white piece of (digital) paper or canvas and a pencil (tool) for the sketch. Then I choose my main colors and I start with the development. Usually, as with real acrylic paintings for example, I work from the background to the foreground, and from rough to detailed.

The painting is available via Etsy in three different sizes as fine art giclée/poster print, optional with frame. But on RedBubble it can be ordered in more sizes and on more materials/merchandise, such as canvas, smartphone cases, pillow cases and greeting cards.

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