A Blue Morning

Digital painting in the style of painting knives.

Digital painting in the style of oil or acrylic paints with painting knives. #landscapeart #digitalpainting #art #tmucw

I recently discovered ArtRange. On Instagram I saw a painting by someone that was completely like her acrylic paintings – she has a nice recognizable style of painting – but which was made entirely digitally with the ArtRange program.

I did some digital painting before, and even bought a pen tablet back then. I tried Corel Draw at a time, but found it too complicated to handle and slow. Photoshop I liked better, but it is not exactly made for painting in more traditional styles. That is why I stopped digital painting years ago. Until a few days ago.

ArtRange is relatively simple and limited compared to the programs mentioned above, but the functions it offers are very well made. The painting process feels almost realistic and the result is really great.

But what about digital painting in the first place if the result looks like a real painting? Well, I do it mainly for two reasons:

  1. I can mix “materials” that I would not bring together in a real painting, for example impasto oil paint with soft pastels. A lot can be tried and improvised digitally, which is not so easy to do with real paintings.
  2. I like to offer my paintings as prints too. But when it comes to real paintings one has to have a very very good photo, and I am really a bad photographer (and I do not have the right equipment). A digital painting I can make in the right size in terms of pixels from start, so that a print is always good.

It is just another way of painting and being creative. For me it will never be able to replace real painting with acrylic paint or soft pastels etc. But I am already certain that ArtRange has a permanent place in my “tool case”.

The painting is available via Etsy in three different sizes as fine art giclée/poster print. But on RedBubble it can be ordered in more sizes and on more materials/merchandise, such as canvas, smartphone cases, pillow cases and greeting cards.

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