A Cold Day

Painting of an abstract-expressive minimalist landscape.

Abstract-expressive minimalist landscape with the colors of a colors of a cold day. #abstractart #art #landscapepainting #tmucw

An acrylic painting on canvas of a minimalist landscape with trees, in the colors of a cold day, in particular pink, purple, burnt umber and white. I thought of the fields, which one can see sometimes, where small islands of trees can be seen scattered all over. The trees cover parts of the view, so that you do not know what else there might or might not be.

The surface is prepared with modeling paste, for a more coarse texture, which breaks the large color areas and gives the impression of a fozen window perhaps. The painting is for the most part made in the dry-brush technique, where a little paint without water is rubbed onto the canvas with a dry brush.

Size: 26.6 x 31.5 in (60 c 80 cm)

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