Lots of Light

Abstract expressive landscape in gorgeous colors.

The painting shows a minimalist landscape, with trees in the distance and a burst of sunlight as can sometimes be seen in the early morning.

The colors are mainly variations of purple and turquoise, with light yellow and white in the middle. I also used small amounts of burnt umber and cobalt blue.

I wanted to create the impression of depth and trees in the distance, without too many details and with a limited color palette. In order to break the large areas of color slightly, I pre-treated the surface with modeling paste, which resulted in more texture.

As usual, I have worked in the dry-brush technique for the most part, where little paint is rubbed undiluted on the canvas with a brush. The paint does not completely cover the underlying layer, which has nice effects and also helps to break the color areas.

Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm (26.6 x 31.5 in). Made with acrylic paint and modeling paste on stretched canvas, ready to hang without a frame.

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