Blue Flowers: Spring Gentian

Flower painting of Spring Gentian in blue and green.

Impressionist painting of Spring Gentian in gorgeous blue and green colors. #tmucw #flowerpainting #impressionist #acrylicartwork

I had the idea of a gentian painting in my head when I was busy with the series of blue flowers, but then other things came up and that is why it took so long. Nonetheless, it fits well in the series.

The green colors are a little bit cooler, an impression that is slightly weakened by the warmer yellow shades at the top and the red colors in the stems and leaves of the plants. Again, like almost all my works, this painting has strong contrasts of light and shadows and subtle complementary contrasts of blue / yellow and red / green.

The painting is made with acrylics on stretched canvas, 11.8 x 15.7 in (30 x 40 cm).

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