The last day of the seller challenge is about my goals.

The last day of the EtsyNL Seller Challenge already! It were interesting 30 days, even though I did not contribute every day, but seeing the different posts of the other participants was exciting. Everyone has shown his or her personality, style and motivation beautifully, and thus offered an opportunity to connect with the people and creators behind the Etsy shops and products.

Before this month I have never given so much personal information about my motivation and values, my ideas and creations, and so this was a whole new experience for me. And sometimes quite a challenge, because there are some aspects of my art and creativity that are not easily put into words …

Now, the last day and a matching topic: my goals for the future.

With regard to my Etsy shop (or more generally: my sales activities) I would like to get more regularity in my sales, not only more often/higher numbers but also better distributed over the year, not just many sales just before Christmas for example, and then in the summer almost nothing. Unfortunately, I do not really have much influence on that, but I keep working on it.

As an artist I want to work much more on the development of a truly unique and recognizable style, something that distinguishes me from other artists. I keep trying techniques and topics, because only by actually painting this goal is achievable.


Etsy Seller Challenge Day 30