Etsy Seller Challenge, Day 27: Milestones

Day 27 of the seller challenge is about the milestones I reached.

I find this a difficult topic, because I never actually defined milestones, and therefore can not say when I reached one.

Looking back, an important point had certainly been reached when I decided to register with the Chamber of Commerce. Then it was important to open a shop on Etsy, which I have done not very long ago.

Another important event, which might be called milestone, was my first sale after the Chamber of Commerce registration. Then the fifth sale etc. Or the first review of a customer, which was fortunately very positive…

From a business point of view it certainly makes sense to define milestones, for example in terms of turnover, and in the future I will definitely do this.

As an artist, I am always developing and in fact every painting is a step forward…