Today the seller challenge is about my tools. 

My first thought was: there is not much to tell about, because brushes and palette knives, that’s it… or not?

Well, no, actually not. When I thought about it for a while longer, I realized that there are more tools that I use. Brushes and palette knives are tools I use practically every day, but there are also: pens, Stanley knives, various palette knives, cloths, pencils, spray bottles, squeeze bottles and certainly more things, which I only use occasionally.

I think I have more than 50 brushes. A number is only for watercolor paint, for example a beautiful thick mop, which I keep far away from my acrylic paints. Some brushes I use almost exclusively for the backgrounds in dry-brush technique. Usually these brushes are bristles, which often look rather bad due to frequent use, but are perfect for this technique.

Over the years I have also bought a number of special brushes, which are supposed to make painting of – for example – grass easier. But mostly I do not like them, which is why they are placed separately in a glass in a corner somewhere…