On day 17 of the seller challenge I tell you if there is something typically Dutch in my paintings.

Is there something typically Dutch in my paintings? Well, for sure, because I use paints from a very famous Dutch brand, Royal Talens. This is not meant as advertising (I am not paid by them or gain anything), it’s just a fact.

I prefer to use Amsterdam Expert’s acrylic paint from Talens. I love the variety of colors and the consistency or the paint is always good. I have also tried a number of other brands over the years – and there are several good ones! – but I always return to this one.

I also use the soft pastels from Talens, the Rembrandt soft pastels, in a set of 90 colors, the “Landscape selection”. Again, I have tried a number of other brands, but find the Rembrandt the most beautiful. They are soft enough, but not too soft, the thickness of the pieces is just right and the colors are great. The shoe in the image of this post is drawn with the Rembrandt soft pastels.

Therefore, I can recommend: Going Dutch with your colors!