Day 11 of the Seller Challenge is about shipping orders

For me, wrapping and shipping of an artwork has to do with four factors:

  • Protection of the item
  • Cost
  • Eco friendliness
  • First impression

Unfortunately, parcels must go through a lot on their journey. Sometimes it seems as if they were kicked and beaten, as if someone had been driven over and tried to kill them. And the longer the journey, the greater the chance that something happens. I always try to wrap a painting in such a way that its chance of survival is as high as possible.

Shipping paintings can be very expensive, especially if they are larger paintings. The weight is usually not a problem (stretched canvas is very light), but the dimensions are. From a certain limit it is no longer possible to send by post or one of the other known shipping services, but it has to be with freight cargo shipping, which is much more expensive. Because artworks generally belong to the more expensive items, it is always necessary to send with track & trace and insurance, which increases the price even further.

The packaging material also costs money, of course. In order to keep costs low and to limit my use of plastic and other environmentally unfriendly materials, I re-use packaging materials as often as possible. Provided that the material is clean and intact.

The last factor is the first impression when the customer opens the package. Even though someone has bought a painting for themselves, it is still a kind of gift for themselves. That’s why I always wrap the paintings in fine tissue paper, perhaps with a nice sticker or a self-made label. For a smile on the customer’s face.