Abstract with Bronze 1

A small abstract artwork with a luxurious look.

Sometimes it is very nice to not have a specific result in mind and no goal, except to enjoy what you do. Just choose colors, put them on the canvas and then do something, with a brush, a palette knife, your hands or whatever, and see what happens.

I love those parts of a painting, where the colors merge, not yet completely mixed, because that is where the interesting structures come to be. That’s why I also like the dry-brush technique, because it has a similar effect: structures, broken color planes, something that looks suspiciously like a map or a picture from very far above, where you only see pieces of land, rivers and lakes.

I have done a series of this kind of artwork, with different colors, all with one metallic color (bronze or silver), which give the paintings a luxurious look. I’m going to publish them one by one in the coming weeks.

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Small Abstract Artwork Bronze Small Abstract Artwork Bronze

In A Nutshell

Name: Abstract with Bronze 1
Year: 2018
Material: Acrylic paints, varnish, stretched canvas
Technique: –
Size: approx. 5.9 x 5.9 in
Weight: approx. 4.9 oz


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