The 7th day of the seller challenge is #funfactfriday.

A fact, which I am always amazed about myself: As a child and especially as a teenager, I loved to draw with pencils. I could continue to do this for hours and hours. To use pencils to give the illusion of depth and shape on paper, with shadows and light, was just amazing.

Etsy Seller Challenge Day 7

But somewhere during the last decades, I have lost this feeling for pencils. Now I find even sketching with pencil pretty boring. No idea what actually happened. I still love to give shape and create the illusion of depth, but with paints, not with pencils anymore.

Pastel chalk is thing that I really enjoy, which comes closest to drawing. Maybe it’s the lack of color with pencils, because I don’t find drawing with charcoal interesting either. Well, for myself, because well made drawings with pencils or charcoal are really great to see. Maybe it will ever come back, the enthusiasm for pencils, who knows?