Today is about the place I use to work, because it’s #workspacewednesday.

My workplace is a small room in our house that is used mainly as storage. There is enough space for a nice big desk with enough room for my desktop easel, a number of shelves, a small closet with sliding doors and free space for my studio easel.

Etsy Seller Challenge Day 5

On one wall I have a number of color charts, which help me to find a color faster or rather, the colors it is mixed from. They are also different brands of acrylic paints, because the same shades of different manufacturers can vary, esp. if they are mixed, and the right choice is often important.

For my paint tubes I have a separate place, where I store them according to color and brand. In the course of time, however, I have determined that I do not need many different shades at all. Firstly, probably every artist develops a sort of favorite palette, and secondly, it is possible to mix any color from the primary colors yellow, blue and red, plus white. I hardly ever use black in my paintings of nature, but mix it myself, for example with a dark shade of red and blue.

My brushes and palette knives are all in high pots and I have a separate box for the various pencils, crayons, colored pencils, knives, etc. In another box I have various types of paper, seperate sheets and in pads, the smaller sized stretched canvases and stacks with MDF boards, for which I still have to make frames.

I have two large windows in the room, but because there are tall buildings on the other side of the road, I use a daylight lamp. Also, I often make my sketches and designs for paintings elsewhere, for example in the living room, on the balcony or in the garden. I think it’s a nice room and I’m glad I have it.