Day 4 of the etsy seller challenge is about my brand.

It may sound strange, since I make art, but I like simplicity. I am always skeptical when something is unnecessarily inflated and complicated in one way or another. I always wonder why someone felt it would be necessary, and what this person is trying to hide. I think that this shows in my art and of course I wanted it to show in my logo as well.

I designed my logo myself. The letters are just the initials of my first names and last name. The colors belong to my favorite colors, especially the sunflower yellow. The gray is a warm shade of gray, as you can see it in the twilight on brown or red objects and plants. The blue is the color of the summer sky. The dark color of the letters is not black but a dark variation of the warm gray. The colors also reflect the favorite theme of my paintings, which is nature. Because, when you mix yellow and blue, you get green :-).

Etsy Seller Challenge Day 4

The letters all reach a bit out of the colored fields, which has something to do with “to think outside the box”. It is a bit a typical modern management expression, but as an artist it is usually what one does.

Finally, the tagline “creative works” instead of something like “Fine Arts”, which most artists choose, came because I do not like to restrict myself in what I do. At the moment it is usually paintings, or “fine art”, but it can also be something else in the future. Apart from that, my creativity is not necessarily only expressed in my art.

By the way, I one year, I have not had the time to order stationery, envelopes, business cards etc. … Is on my long long to-do list!