The third day is all about inspiration.

As an artist you can draw your inspiration from everywhere. From the world around you as well as from your dreams, thoughts or memories.

Sometimes, it is a combination of colors that someone has in his sweater. Or the shape of a particular flower, which forms a nice contrast with the grasses that grow around it. Or the dramatic colors of a sunset. Or the peaceful and monochromatic but not at all boring colors of a cloudy sky.

It can also be an interaction between people, a certain way they talk to each other, for example. Memories of childhood can also be a really strong source of inspiration, even though they are often not really accurate.

For me, drawing inspiration is not always an entirely conscious process. Sometimes, something that I have seen or heard only comes into consciousness much later and becomes part of an idea that leads to a painting. And often, I do not even know where an idea came from. Suddenly, I have an image in mind and that is that.