Day 2 of the seller challenge is all about the seller.

Actually, I hardly ever write anything personal about myself. As a person, I do not like to be the center of attention. I prefer the role of an observer rather than a participant, and feel more at ease in the background. Certainly, I do not belong to those artists, who see themselves as artworks and continually set themselves in scene. I do wish for a lot of attention for my paintings, but I do not like it for me.

But here are a few pieces of information: I am 44 and live in the Netherlands since 2010. I moved here from Germany for love, and I am still very happy about it. I have never followed a classical education for visual arts, but I have done a number of courses over the years. I am mostly self-taught.

As an creative self-employed person and Etsy shop owner, I am definitely working full-time, without this being somewhat in the normal working hours of an office for example. Aside from creating art, all other parts of the business also require a lot of time, such as marketing, accounting, administration.

As an artist I am always working on my art. Because the (photo-) realistic copying of reality – a still-life, for example – is not what I do, my impressions of what I see, and also the feelings that I have, are the most important ingredients for my paintings. It is as if I have a kind of virtual sketchbook with me all the time.

For me, the way from the first idea for a new artwork to the finished painting is always a walk along known paths and exploring new land at the same time.