Impressionist painting of Hibiscus blossoms.

During the spring and summer my sister sent photos of her garden, where, among other things, Hibiscus grows. It is a very beautiful plant, which grows in many different colors. The  not yet entirely opened blossoms are particularly beautiful, which is why I painted them that way.

I think, the small painting matches very well with light and dark backgrounds. Therefore, it can also nicely be combined with light and dark furniture or decoration.

The colors pink and green form a beautiful, subtle contrast, a complementary contrast, because in the classic colorwheel red is opposite of green. The painting can help to make an otherwise slightly dull spot in a room more interesting.

The background is painted with various large brushes, with undiluted paint, which is rubbed into layers and into each other. This is also called Dry-Brush technique. This technique creates beautiful structures and a lot of depth. I especially like my floral paintings because the background gives the impression of many other plants, without having to paint them at all.

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Hibiscus acrylic painting on stretched canvas Hibiscus acrylic painting on stretched canvas

In A Nutshell

Name: Hibiscus
Year: 2018
Material: acrylic paints, stretched canvas, varnish
Technique: Dry-brush
Size: approx. 8 x 8 in
Weight: approx. 3.5 oz


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