Blue Poppies

Abstract-impressionist painting of blue poppies.

A long time ago I made two of these paintings with red poppies. For me it is a very different kind of painting, because instead of a brush, palette knives are used. This forces me to not pay attention to details, but to simply bring the rough forms on the canvas.

The colors are not pre-mixed, but instead brought together on the canvas. That way one has limited control over the paint and how the colors mix, which can result in very nice effects and structures.

Occasionally, I like to paint looser and less detailed, therefore this poppies artwork. The choice of blue and brown as colors was simply because I think they are gorgeous and match very well. Plus, I still had one of the beautiful wooden frames in dark brown, which fits perfectly with the artwork. I think I will definitely make more poppies paintings…

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ABstract impressionist painting of blue poppies. Abstract impressionist painting of blue poppies, framed.

In A Nutshell

Name: Blue Poppies
Year: 2018
Material: acrylic paints, canvasboard, varnish, wooden frame with glass
Technique: palette knives
Size (incl. frame): approx. 10 x 12 in
Weight (incl. frame): approx. 25 oz


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