Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not [acrylics]

Forget-Me-Not up close in gorgeous blue colors.

Original artwork for 119,- EUR

If you create a series of blue flower paintings, a Forget-Me-Not can not be missing. Together with the corn flowers, it may be one of best known blue blooming plants in western Europe. The intensity of the color depends on the sort, some are even very light blue.

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Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not


However, Forget-Me-Nots not only have a gorgeous color but a beautiful form too, with their 5 petals and the yellow round in the middle. The white coloring around the yellow middle often looks like a star. When Forget-Me-Nots start to fade the edges turn brown with a hint of purple, which I used for parts of the background.

The painting is made with acrylics on stretched canvas and can be hung without a frame, since the sides are painted as well. A layer of varnish protects the artwork.

Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not
2018, acrylics on stretched canvas
Size: 24 x 30 cm (ca. 10 x 12 in)
Weight: 150 g


Original artworks in my Etsy shop

Buy original artwork

The original artwork is available in my Etsy shop for 119,- EUR.
Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not
Photo: TMU creative works


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The artwork is available printed on various products (cards, smartphone cases, pillows etc.) in my RedBubble shop.
In my Oh My Prints shop the work can be purchased as photoprint, print on wood or aluminium etc. in fine art quality.
Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not Blue Flowers: Forget-Me-Not


Mini Making-Of video

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