Blue Flowers: Bellflowers

Painting of Bell Flowers.

Impressionist acrylic painting of Bell Flowers on stretched canvas in gorgeous blue colors. #blue #flowerspainting #impressionist #tmucw

Most flowers in nature (not cultured) are yellow and white, with 27 to 30%. Blue and violet appear in only about 6% of the flowers. That makes them special, since the colors cannot be spotted so often in nature.

Blue color variations are often considered calming and comforting, and in the world of marketing they are usually used whenever trust and dependence are the message.

I like blue tints because they make me think of beautiful weather and sun. As child, I often would walk alongside the fields of my grandparent’s farm. Back then, there were a lot wild corn flowers, which were especially outstanding due to their color, between the light brown of the grains, the red of the poppies and the yellow and white of the other plants.

Bellflowers not only have a very nice blue color – they can be found in violet, white and light yellow too – but a gorgeous form as well. The form is different between the various sorts, by the way.

Painted with acrylics on stretched canvas, 9.5 x 11.8 in (24 x 30 cm).

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