Field Impressions 8: Catgrass [acrylics]

The 8th painting of the series shows the beauty of a very common plant.

Original artwork for 99,- EUR

Cat grass is a very common sort of grass and is most likely overseen most of the time. But with the correct light conditions and a nice background, all of a sudden it becomes clear how beautiful it actually is. Then it seems to be made of silver, especially if it is already kind of disheveled from wind and weather and animals, and the sun can shine through it so nicely.

The background blends from very dark to light, in warm brown and green colors, which form a nice contrast with the cooler silver and black colors of the grass in the foreground.

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Veld Impressies 8 - Sfeervol impressionistisch schilderij van Tanja Udelhofen Field Impressions 8 original painting


Sometimes it is good idea to pause for a moment and look very closely to something, which you would otherwise pass more or less carelessly!

The painting is made with acrylics on stretched canvas. The sides are painted so that it can be hung on the wall without a frame.

Field Impressions 8: Catgrass
2017, acrylics on stretched canvas
24 x 30 cm (ca. 10 x 12 in)


Original artworks in my Etsy shop

Buy original artwork

The original artwork is available in my Etsy shop for 99,- EUR.
Field Impressions 8 by TMU creative works
Photo: TMU creative works


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The artwork is available printed on various products (cards, smartphone cases, pillows etc.) in my RedBubble shop.
In my Oh My Prints shop the work can be purchased as photoprint, print on wood or aluminium etc. in fine art quality.
Field Impressions 8 by TMU creative works Field Impressions 8 by TMU creative works

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