Watchmen [acrylics]

Painting with atmosphere with beautiful colors, which let you dream of a walk on a sunny autumn day.

Original artwork for 179,- EUR

Fall is a very beautiful season, if there is no rain and storm, but certainly regarding the colors. All red and yellow and brown tints of the autumn months are part of my favorite color palette, which I use for most of my artworks. In combination with blue and green tints one can create such stunning contrasts and put an exciting story on the canvas.

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And with such gorgeous colors it is not even necessary to think of a complicated scene with lots of details. The atmosphere of a walk on a sunny day in fall along the woods, when you can enjoy of all the beautiful nature around you, is awesome enough to be painted. Even more, when you encounter a line of trees, which look like watchmen to the woods behind them. Then the picture is perfect!

The impressionist artwork is painted with acrylics on MDF and finished with varnish. It is framed in a black wooden frame, without glass.

2017, acrylics on MDF, framed
Size (incl. frame): 32 x 42 cm (ca. 12.6 x 16.5 in)
Weight (incl. frame): ca. 1,100 g


Original artworks in my Etsy shop

Buy original artwork

The original artwork is available in my Etsy shop for 179,- EUR.
Watchmen Watchmen
Photo: TMU creative works


Buy as print

The artwork is available printed on various products (cards, smartphone cases, pillows etc.) in my RedBubble shop.
In my Oh My Prints shop the work can be purchased as photoprint, print on wood or aluminium etc. in fine art quality.
Watchmen Watchmen

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