Autumn Mist [pastel crayons]

Pastel drawing of a misty autumn landscape.

Original artwork for 209,- EUR (incl. passepartout and frame)

Usually, fog in autumn is not very pleasant. In general, it is cold and the rain clouds are low. Not exactly the best time to go for a walk. But on the other hand, the autumn mist turns everything into some kind of fairytale landscape. The otherwise very bright fall colors become duller and darker, the outlines become blurred and details are hard to see. Where the mist is particularly dense, the light forms small islands, like puddles of shiny water. That is why I find the misty autumn weather beautiful for painting or drawing, despite its ineptitude for outside activities.

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Autumn Mist Autumn Mist Autumn Mist


Just as with acrylic paints, but unlike watercolor paint, with pastels it is possible to draw light colors over dark tones and build up the drawing layer by layer, which creates a lot of depth. The medium also makes it very easy to create vague and atmospheric structures that are perfect for the impression of cold and damp mist.

The artwork is drawn with high quality pastels on heavy pastel paper with a clear structure. The chalk is protected by a sealing layer of fixative. The drawing is framed in a wooden frame with glass and a matching passepartout.

Autumn Mist
2018, pastel crayons on pastel paper
Size (incl. frame): 40 x 50 cm (ca. 16 x 20 in)
Weight (incl. frame): ca. 1.800 g


Original artworks in my Etsy shop

Buy original artwork

The original artwork is available in my Etsy shop for 209,- EUR (incl. passepartout and frame).
Autumn Mist
Photo: TMU creative works


Buy as print

The artwork is available printed on various products (cards, smartphone cases, pillows etc.) in my RedBubble shop.
In my Oh My Prints shop the work can be purchased as photoprint, print on wood or aluminium etc. in fine art quality.
Autumn Mist Autumn Mist (greeting card) Autumn Mist Autumn Mist

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