Foxgloves [acrylics]

Painting of foxgloves.

Original artwork: sold

Foxgloves used to grow in my mother’s garden when I was a kid and I always liked it very much. Of all the flowers in the garden it had the most beautiful color and the black dots with white circles on the inside kept fascinating me. Maybe it was also because my mother always told me that I should not touch it because foxgloves are poisonous. At that age I could not understand that something so beautiful can be dangerous and even deadly. Simple world of children ? …

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Since I especially like the inside of the flower with the dots, I have chosen to paint the foxgloves up close. I kept the background deliberately simple and in a muted color, so as not to distract too much from the flowers themselves. However, the green-gray color of the background and the multiple purple and pink hues of the herb form a subtle color contrast.

The artwork is painted with acrylic paint on stretched canvas and is protected with varnish. The sides are also painted and a frame is not necessary.

2018, acrylics on stretched canvas
Size: 30 x 40 cm (ca. 12 x 16 in)
Weight: ca. 300 g


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The original artwork is sold.
Photo: TMU creative works


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In my Oh My Prints shop the work can be purchased as photoprint, print on wood or aluminium etc. in fine art quality.
Foxgloves Foxgloves

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