Blue Flowers: Verbena

Painting of Verbena.

Abstract impressionist painting of Verbena flowers. #flowerart #abstractart #impressionist #tmucw

Actually, Verbena are not really blue, rather violet, sometimes even almost red. But with just the right light, the red-violet turns into a more blue-violet and the shadows change into deep blue.

For the painting, I intensified this effect because I wanted to emphasize the cool violet and blue tints. In the background, the greens of the surrounding plants appear cooled down too, to a blue-green color.

The flowers of the plant are for the most part not painted with a brush but with a small palette knife, which helps to get form right. And once again, I created the background using the dry-brush technique, which is one of my favorite painting techniques. In several layers the impression of depths occurs and beautiful effects, which are not achievable with other techniques.

The artwork is made with acrylics on stretched canvas and protected by a layer of varnish. A frame is not necessary, since the sides are painted as well. Size: 9.5 x 11.8 in (24 x 30 cm).

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