On The Edge [acrylics]

Minimalistic landscape with beautiful colors.

People who know my paintings, know that I like to focus on one element, for example one flower. With landscape paintings, it is not that different, although landscapes have a lot more details and elements than a flower or some grain.

I like to put something in the center of the attention so that it can shine. To show how beautiful something is by itself, without a lot fuss (and a million details) around it. To find a way to make the artwork still interesting, often is a challenge. To achieve it, I use color, create contrast, play with light and shadow and/or apply structure on the surface, sometimes in randomly and sometimes in certain patterns.

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On The Edge On The Edge On The Edge


With this artwork I did the same: The scene itself is rather simple, just some sky, grass and a hay bale. But the colors provide a lot of contrast, such as the one between blue and orange-brown, of between light and shadow. But for the most part, the tension in the painting comes from the rising horizon line, which makes the hay bale seem to be rolling down. To emphasize this motion, the details of the hay bale are rather blurred.

The painting is made with acrylics on stretched canvas and finished with varnish.

On The Edge
2018, acrylics on stretched canvas
Size: 60 x 80 cm (ca. 24 x 32 in)
Weight: ca. 900 g

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