Grape Hyacinth [acrylics]

Calm painting of grape hyacinths in the cool morning light.

A cook morning in autumn, most plants fade away already, the dominant colors are variations of brown, van yellow ochre to dark grey-brown with just a hint of blue. The sun is not yet fully visible, the air is cool and the last grape hyacinths glow here and there in an intense blue color, the early morning light broken by dewdrops on the petals.

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Grape Hyacinth Grape Hyacinth


My husband thought it is somber, but I think it is rather calming. I imagine to sit on the patio early in the morning, a wearing a warm coat and a cup of coffee in my hand, the birds are awake already, but no other sounds or noise, aside from a light wind in the trees. Beautiful and not somber at all!

The grape hyacinths are painted with acrylics on MDF, on which I glued a piece of unbleached cotton fabric, and finished with varnish.

Grape Hyacinth
2018, acrylics on MDF
Size (incl. frame): 37 x 42 cm (ca. 14.6 x 16.5 in)
Weight (incl. frame): ca. 1,000 g


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Grape Hyacinth framed artprint Grape Hyacinth (large art print)

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