Wall Planner 2018 [free download]

Wallplanner to print on A3 or A4 as free PDF download.

Almost christmas alreay and the year is nearly over! Therefore, a few days ago I took the time to make a new calendar for on our fridge. While I was busy with it, I thought that it might be a nice idea to make a PDF version and offer it for download here in my blog. Of course, it is a nice way to promote some of my paintings as well…


When I finished the A3 version I thought, that maybe not a lot of people have a printer for A3 paper size at home. So I made a second version for A4 paper. But since an entire year on one A4 paper would be really really small, I spread it over two pages, which can be printed on the front and back of a A4 paper.

And these are the paintings I used for the calendars:

By the way, via RedBubble you can also purchase a real calendar with monthly pages with some of my paintings from my “Field Impressions” series:

Free Download

Click on a picture to open the PDF in a new tab. From there you can easily safe it to your device.

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