Shelter in the fields [acrylics]

Impressionist landscape with subtle color contrasts.

A good walk along the lavender and wheat fields, cypresses in the background, the blue color of the sky just starts to turn into purple, grasshoppers and birds sing and you think that the little stone cottage could be the perfect shelter…

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Shelter in the fields Shelter in the fields


The contrasts between the beautiful colors and the inclined lines introduce dynamic into this peaceful scene. My main idea of this painting was to capture the quiet and warm atmosphere and not all details of the landscape.

The artwork is painted with acrylics on stretched canvas and finished with varnish. The sides are painted as well so that a frame is not necessary.

Shelter in the fields
2017, acrylics on stretched canvas
40 x 50 cm (ca. 16 x 20 in)
Ca. 600 g

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