Winterlandscape 2 [acrylics]

A peaceful and atmospheric landscape in winter.

Original artwork for 169,- EUR | Cards & more from 1,88 EUR | Art prints from 11,- EUR

If you go for a walk on a cloudy day in winter, when it just snowed, everything seems to be completely grey. Here and there a bit of green or brown is mixed in the grey, but still, the dominant colors are white, black and all kinds of grey.

You may think that such a monochromatic picture is boring, but that is not he case. If you look very closely you can discover a lot of differences in the grey tints and all of a sudden realize how calm and serene it looks.

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Winter Landscape 2 Winterlandscape 2

And this is exactly the feeling I put on paper with this painting. The untouched snow, which shines bright here and there, the trees in the distance, almost invisible against the grey sky, the few blades of grass, which persist the cold strength of the winter for a little while longer – a soothing picture, monochromatic, but not boring.

The artwork is made with acrylics on special acrylic paper and framed in a black wooden frame with glass.

Winterlandscape 2
2017, acrylics on paper, framed
Size (incl. frame): 32 x 42 cm (ca. 12.5 x 16.5 in)
Weight (incl. frame): ca. 1,000 g


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The original artwork is available in my DaWanda shop for 169,- EUR, which includes shipment (for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, additional cost for other countries).
Winter Landscape 2
Photo: TMU creative works


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Winter Landscape 2 Winter Landscape 2 (card)
Photos: RedBubble


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Winter Landscape 2
Photo: Oh My Prints

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